Ryan's Story

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation was founded by Joyce and Dusty Sang in memory of their only child, Ryan Licht Sang, who passed away at the age of 24. At age five, Ryan began exhibiting symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, a serious medical illness of the brain that manifests itself with recurring episodes of irritability, mania and depression. Over the years, the Sangs devoted themselves to finding the best medical care and treatment available for Ryan, and Ryan fought his illness everyday with great courage.

At the time of his death, Ryan was in the most productive and promising phase of his life. He was completing his first novel, composing experimental music and producing artwork, all while holding down a day job in the family business. To the outside world, to his family, to his friends and to his psychiatrist, Ryan had turned the corner and was on his way to becoming a remarkable citizen.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Ryan had decided to stop all prescription mood stabilization medications because he did not like their powerful side effects. He believed he could control his illness, a decision all too common with Bipolar Disorder. When Ryan suddenly entered a manic episode, he had nothing to help stabilize his brain chemistry. He had not slept in days, and in order to sleep, he self-medicated. Tragically, Ryan passed away in his sleep.

Although no one can bring Ryan back, the Foundation hopes millions will be able to see a brighter day in his memory. Together we can make a meaningful difference, and we hope that you will help us in this effort.

Click here to read the Eulogy for Ryan delivered by his father.